Filter Gravels

Filter Gravels

Filter Gravels Price And Quantity

Product Description

  • Gravel for use as Pack material in tub wells for water supply.

  • Gravel Sizes.




Particle size Range

in mm


Fine Gravel

2.00 mm to 5.00 mm


Medium Gravel

5.00 mm to 8.00 mm


Coarse Gravel

8.00 mm to 12.00 mm

12.00 mm to 20.00 mm

20.00 mm and above as per Specification.

  • The gravel for use as pack shall be free from impurities, such as shale, mica, feldspar, clay, sand, dirt, loam, hematite and organic materials.

  • Physical requirement like

  • SiO2 about 96.00%

  • Specific gravity not

  • Porosity not

  • Hardness not

  • The gravel shall be of sub - rounded to rounded grains with minimum angular features.

  • Ref. Standard

  • IS:4097

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Filter Media

This document is applicable to silica sand and silica gravel used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. It describes the characteristics of silica sand and silica gravel and specifies the requirements and the corresponding test methods for silica sand and silica gravel. It gives information on their use in water treatment.

  • Quality requirements

  • Specific gravity of not less than 2.5.

  • Minimum silica content in sand: not.

  • Silica content tested in accordance with IS: 2000.

  • Any sample of filter sand shall not contain more than 5 percent by volume of impurities, such as clay, loam, silt.

  • Loss in Ignition not more than 0.70 %.

  • Acid solubility not more than 5.00 %.

  • Particle size 0.45 to 0.70 mm.

  • Effective size (d10), With a maximum deviation of

  • Uniformity coefficient (Uc), Shall be less than 1.5

  • Bulk density loose :- 1400 kg/m3 to 1700 kg/m3

  • Absolute density :- 2.5 g/cm2.8 g/cm

  • Particle density dry :- 2.5 g/cm2.8 g/cm

  • Particle Wet density :- 2.5 g/cm2.8 g/cm

  • Chemical composition


Mass fraction in %


3.0 %


2.0 %


1.5 %


2.0 %


1.5 %

General Information on silica sand and silica gravel


  • Raw material

Natural silica sand, silica gravel.

  • Manufacturing process

Silica sand and silica gravel are produced by quarrying, dredging Or crushing, cleaning, drying, and sieving.

Function: - Silica sand and silica gravel are used as filtering or supporting Materials.

Specific amount: - The amount of silica sand and silica gravel used depends on Application. Filtration rate and filter media depths vary with the suspended matter content of the water to be filtered.

Means of application: - Silica sand and silica gravel are used in open or closed,Single or multimedia, filters.

Silica sand is also used in "Slow sand filtration" systems.

Secondary effects: - The products have no secondary effects.

Hydraulic characteristics

  • Interstitial volume: - The interstitial volume is approximately 0.4 (V/V). If used for calculations the interstitial volume should Be measured.

  • Head loss in filtration :- Head loss depends on size, shape and roughness of Particles, filtration rate, filter bed depth, and water Temperature.

  • Expansion in up-flow washing :- The expansion during washing depends on Flow rate, effective size, density, shape and Roughness of particles, and water temperature.

Rules for safe handling and use.

Silica sand and silica gravel are not hazardous products:

  • It is recommended to avoid dust formation.

  • When handling dry product the use of a dust mask is Recommended, especially when using air conveying.

Emergency procedures

  • First aid

  • In case of contact with skin, it is recommended to washWith water.

  • In case of contact with eyes, it is recommended to flush With plenty of water.

  • In case of inhalation, it is recommended to move to fresh air.

  • Spillage

  • It is recommended to sweep up and to discard in a refuse container or repackage.

  • Fire

  • No special requirements are necessary.

  • Warning


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