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Type of sand

Two type of sand

(1) Natural sand

It occurs as loose or poorly consolidated deposit of sedimentary origin or as accumulated deposit in estuaries and rivers along the coast.

(2) Crush sand

It is produced by crushing quartzite sand stones of open Texture, washing and grading it to yield sand grade of requisite Shape and grain distribution.

Use in different industries

(1) Sand for Locomotives (Caking Sand).

(2) Filtration Media (Ref. Standard IS: 8419 (Part - 1)).

(3) Sand for use in Foundries (Ref. Standard IS: 1987)).

(4) GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics) Pipe Industries.

(Ref. Standard IS: 14402).

(5) Construction Industries.

(6) Refectory Industries.

(7) Construction Chemical Industries (Product like Follow).

(A) Cement Grout (Early High Strength), like micro concrete.

(B) Tile adhesive.

(C) Water Proofing Compound.

(D) Reedy mix mortar.

What is Filter media?

Filter material, such as silica sand, high-density sand, granular activated carbon, or Anthracite, as well as support gravel, should be obtained from sources that are expressly qualified to produce and supply these materials for water treatment plants.

Filter media is the portion of the filter bed that removes particulate matter from the water during the filtration process. Anthracite, silica sand and high-density sand. Propertied of granular activated carbon when used as a filter media.

Sand or anthracite filter media used in a wide range of bed depths and particle sizes have produced satisfactory results. Selection of the bed depth or particle size to be use in any particular filter is the responsibility of the designer and should be done with careful consideration of raw water conditions and plant pretreatment facilities. In general, for a given pretreatment of raw water and at a given filtration rate, coarse media will permit longer filter runs between washings than fine media. With good pretreatment facilities and close technical control, coarse media will yield water of satisfactory quality. With all other conditions fixed, removal of particulate matter is a function of both media size and filter bed depth, and removal generally improves with greater filter depth or with smaller media size, or both.

Ref. Standard

(1) IS: 8419 (Part - 1)): 1977.

(2) ANSI/AWWA B100-01.

(3) BS EN 12904.

2001 @ Copyright Ahmedabad Engineering Research Institute.

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